What is respiration rate

Respiration rate is the number of breaths a person takes in a minute, this rate is usually recorded from counting the raise and fall of the chest. Respiration is important in relaxation exercises such like yoga, Tai chi  and Pilate’s.

Yoga is great for decreasing your breathe respiration rate, it can help transport oxygen around the body more effectively. The more yoga you do, the less breathes you take the fitter become, as your lungs expand they will have a greater capacity for air making you breathe less, remember this is natural breath so don’t hold for 5 seconds and release. 

A normal rate of  breathes per minute for an average adult range from 15-20 per minute

Anything above 26 breathes is considered abnormal

factors that can effect respiration

  • smoking
  • illness
  • asthma
  • fever
  • exercise
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