help building muscle

Need help building muscle, here is a quick routine to follow in the gym,

when you want to build muscle you need to increase your fast twitch muscle fibres.

You can do this by lifting 1 Rep Max – the heaviest weights you can lift in one rep,

Every exercise you need a spotter- someone to help you lift the weight

Don’t lift on your own as you risk putting yourself and others in danger.

This is a different routine for testosterone increase, One hard and heavy followed by two fast and effective.

Testosterone builder

  • hard and heavy

  • 10 x sets

  • 3 reps

Clean & Jerk fast and effective

  1. 1. leave 90 sec rest between changes.

  2. weight should = 12 rep max

  3. 10,8,6,4 reps circuit (press up)


Push press

Back squat

2. leave 60 sec between changes

weight should = 14 rep max

  • bent over row

  • cleans

  • front squat

  • lunge

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