Margarine Vs Butter

Margarine Vs Butter







We are all told and believe that margarine is better for our health than butter, the search for the truth still goes on,  labelled reduced fat margarine or low fat margarine  normally holds the  same   fat content as butter.

The main difference between butter and margarine is the different fats they hold,  saturated fat and unsaturated fat content.

Margarine are soft and rich in mono and poly saturates, you should always check label for fat levels and trans fatty acids.

Normally at room temperature margarine would be the same consistency as oil, trans fatty acids are added to the oil to solidify at room temperature.

The more trans fat added the higher saturated and LDL effects within the margarine.

Some margarine’s can be good, not many, always check fat levels and compare to other margarine’s.

Bright green healthy packing can often lead us into thinking that the product which we are purchasing is low in fat and natural, when in fact the truth could  be something completely different.

monounsaturated fats are the most healthy fats we can consume, mono-saturates reduce LDL and increase HDL.


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