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There are three types of metabolism which alter and change through life, we are all genetically born the same but our body’s often act different from one another.

The three metabolisms

Vegetarian Metabolism

When you consume a large amount of protein in one meal then you feel sleepy with less energy?

If so you could be Vegetarian,

This could mean that your metabolism has a vegetarian body type, making you burn carbohydrates and sugars very slowly, often leaving your body feeling heavy or bloated.

Is this you?

If so you should eat more complex carbs, this makes it easier for your body to breakdown foods  into  small amounts, eat more good protein like tofu.

Over weight people often suffer from this metabolism


Most common human metabolism.

Well balanced metabolism,  dual-metabolism, keeping a good link between protein and carbohydrates which we consume,

Protein and carbs are not eaten at the same time, this allows your body to work more effectively.

For a healthy diet make sure your eating a correct balance, is important for dual-metabolising to make more combinations with fats, proteins, carbs and dairy products.

Most common


If you feel athletic or energetic after eating a large protein based meal, you are likely to fall into the Fast-metabolising category.

Normally Protein is broken down fast in the liver, concerted into glycogen, then converted into glucose, which produces energy for the body.

This is the best metabolism as calories are burnt faster and more effectively, your not guaranteed to stay that way.


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