Toning exercises

If you want to tone up your body,  its best to complete more reps and sets of each exercise.

Beware that you always want to stay in control of the of your exercises, I suggest that when you exercise you count to two on the way up, hold for two and down for two.

Its very important that your control is maintained, if you quickly complete the exercises without any effort, your not doing it correctly, or your resistance is to low.

I always say that quality is more important than quantity, exercise more slowly and its twice more challenging, when you perform exercises to quickly momentum takes over and can cause potential injury.

Resistance bands are ideal for toning, here is a exercise which is designed at using the whole body and core.

Lateral raise squat press

Muscles; Delts, shoulders, traps & biceps

1. Start in a Kneeling position with your feet shoulder width apart and your knees relaxed , holding the handles in both hands, keeping your legs slightly bent.


2. Raise both legs to standing position and move your arms away laterally from body slowly,until arms is parallel to the floor, hold for two seconds then return to your start position.

Tone up package

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