Resistance in the park


Resistance in the park

Summer is coming, its time to get outside and enjoy the change in weather! resistance training is the fastest and most enjoyable way to fitness.

Resistance bands are the perfect resistance tool for Boot Camp style workouts that combine high energy cardio with powerful strength training

They are designed to give you a total body workout with rapid results!

These are the secret weapon to fight flab and increase your workout. Very easy to use and very portable. This product is also suitable for people who practice pilates, firm aerobics, body shaping or sculpting, circuit training, boxing or kickboxing.

Resistance Package Includes


  • Resistance band- Light ,Medium or Heavy resistance
  • Fitnesshealth blue back sack
  • Foam handles
  • Door mount for exercising at home
  • Four week weight loss & body tone plan
  • Instructional guide with over 50 exercises
  • Pilates work out plan.

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