Real ice scream

The difference between the real ice cream and manufactured ice scream.

Retail store ice cream manufacturers are not required by law to list the additives used in the manufacture of their product. Consequently, today most ice creams are synthetic from start to finish.

Ice creams have been analyses and contain the following

  • Diethyl glycol; a cheap chemical use to emulsify instead of real eggs.
  • Aldehyde C17; a dye used in plastic and rubber, gives cherry flavour.
  • Piperonal; used in place of vanilla, normally this product is used to kill lice.
  • Ethyl acetate; used for pineapple flavour, also cleans leather.
  • Buyyraldehyde; used in rubber cement, It also gives ice cream a but flavour.
  • Amyl acetate; produces banana flavour and is an excellent paint solvent.
  • Benzyl acetate; used for strawberry flavour and is a nitrate solvent.

Its amazing to think, how can a food manufacturer use these chemicals?
Well to produce high volumes of ice cream would cost alot of money, normal expensive ingredients would be cream, sugar, raw eggs, natural fruits and flavours.

The alternative choice could be chemicals, which are maybe ten times cheaper than the real produce, so instead of the ingredients above the cheap manufacturers use paint solvent, oil paint, anti freeze, lice killer and nitrate solvent.

So next time when you buy yourself or the kids ice cream, which one is it going to be? Real ice cream or anti freeze?

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