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Don’t pressure yourself too much, in journey its normal to have a set back.


You are on a train travelling from London to Manchester,  the train runs into difficulty half way through the journey, the train has stopped at the station and you’ve been told that it will take 7 hours to fix, what would you do?

1. Stay on the train and wait for it to be fixed then return to London .

2. Get off the train, find another route and carry on with the journey to reach Manchester.

3. Would you stay in the station where the train had been stopped to be repaired.

I know which choice I would take, without even thinking about this question I would select number 2.

So why do we hold so many emotions to our mind when it comes to exercise?

Why do we choose to put things off?


  • Guilt, your friend for not turning up for running.
  • Guilt, not returning any calls and text from your personal trainer.
  • Guilt, that you missed a training session in your plan.

Look at this cause, you dont need abs, you dont need massive muscles, you dont even need a reason to run, swim, jog, cycle, box, play football,etc. All you need to do is stop thinking about thinking and just go !

Try the Development set and be followed in your progress.

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