Irish Stew & dumplings - 40 pax

This recipe is for bulk cooking only, recipe followed produces 40 servings.


15kg diced stewing meat
2kg diced parsnip
3kg diced onions
3kg diced carrot
500g diced leek
5kg diced potatoes
500g tomato puree
10 litres Beef stock
60g thyme
300g lentils
3kg tined tomatoes chopped
Handful of fresh Thyme


  1. Boil water in a pan add stock, lentils and stewing meat into the pan, boil for 30min.
  2. Add salt ,pepper, half thyme, tomato puree & diced vegetables to the stock and simmer for 30 minutes , make sure all of the vegetables are the same size .
  3. Add 3kg crushed tomatoes and reduce. 20mins
  4. Finish with the rest of the thyme 10 minutes
  5. Taste and serve with dumplings
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