Vegetarian tortilla quiche recipe


Vegetarian recipe 

Using a tortilla as the base for your quiche is amazing. As tortilla wraps are so thin this makes them perfect for molding into a quiche base shape whilst also help you achieve all-round cooking of the ingredients, Just mold the tortilla in the baking tin, without any grease! Most important use a not stick pan.

Filling for quiche  

1 Red onion finely 

1 Red capsicum peppers sliced

4 cherry tomatoes chopped

1 courgette sliced 

3 olives halved 

a handful of mushrooms sliced

break 5 eggs into the center of the filling 

a handful of grated cheddar cheese 

then mix all ingredients with pinch salt & pepper

2 tablespoons of double cream 



  1. Pre heat oven on 200 degrees centigrade,  
  2. Then add beaten eggs and stir into the mix 
  3. Add cheese on top and bake for 25 minutes
  4. remove from oven and ready to serve

You can add any more items to the mixture if needed, this is just a recipe of fillings I used from what was available in the fridge. Any other type of cheese can be used.  

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