Benefits from exercise band fitness


Band exercise resistance training  



Exercise Band Training. You certainly don’t want to carry your weight set everywhere you go but you can get a good muscle workout with exercise bands that weigh much less and don’t take up much room at all, even fitting in your carry on if that is all you are travelling with. Work your upper and lower body right from the comfort of your hotel suite or while taking in the scenery at the local park.


Exercise bands are amazing tools that promote muscular growth and strength, they work by breaking down muscular tissue with resistance training (resistance bands). In order for your body to develop muscle you need to be constantly breaking down the tissues and rebuilding them with protein.


The main difference with exercise band resistance training from traditional free weight training is that you can train in a without gravity with one exercise tool. Weight training only works in one direction you can only contract a group of muscles in one direct. Resistance exercise band training means you can train any part of the body in any directional movement.


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