Exercise band tricep extension


This exercise is great for targeting and toning the top upper back of the arms, helping the removal of bingo wings. You can increase the tension either by adding another band or by moving further away form the door. We recommend adding or using another band to increasing the tension as this is a safer method.

Equipment needed – Resistance band & door anchor

Triceps  extensions –intermediate

Muscles worked ; Triceps

1. Stand in lunge position, hold both handles palms facing forwards, keep a bend with at the knee’s. .Position 1
2. Keeping your elbows soft, make a slow controlled movement extending your arms fully forwards  towards feet, straighten as far as you can reach. Position 2

3.Bend elbows and bring back to start position,  Repeat this slowly



Careful when exercising with these bands, when fully extended they can be dangerous, always keep a good grip and never let go of the bands quickly. Always make sure the door is fully closed , and when exercising ask people to knock if they need to enter the room.

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