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Want to increase your fat burning levels whilst running? Here are a few pointers to getting the most from your effort. Running is one of the best exercise for burning fat, it burns more calories per minute than any other cardio exercise, and with running, the heavier you weigh, the more calories you burn. On average, if you run at 5 mph, which is 12 miles per minute, you will burn 472 kcal per hour. Fat burning tips whilst running: when running try to find surface increase.   Uphill running is one of the best methods of burning fat faster....

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Here are some pointers to look for and understand about breathing when exercising.

When running its important to find the right breathing pattern, breathing is very important as oxygen supplies our body with energy.

Find your pattern, do this by inhaling every two steps , then exhale every two alternate steps or chose every three or four steps. More important to find your comfortable pattern.


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Running can increase bone mass density, especially in the hips and the legs of which are prime osteoporosis targets on our bodies. Professional runners have a higher than normal density, study that was held at Erlangen University in Germany showed the average professional measured density was 1,246mg per sq cm, were as non runners held an average of 1,138mg per sq cm.

Just over a 100mg increase...

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Music with exercise work well together as we all know that exercising is great for the mind, body and Soul. Scientific research has been conducted looking into some of the effects music can have when we are exercise, according to reserch from Ohio state university if we listen to music when we are exercising benefits can be made to our brain and body’s overall performance.

Music Enhances Frontal...

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The correct terms are side stitch, side cramp or stitch. We have all experienced a side stitch at some point in our lives: whether dancing, exercising or working. Normally a sense of pain is felt below the rib cage. This pain is caused by the internal organs pulling down on our diaphragm (a large muscle below our lungs which assist us in breathing). The liver and stomach are the areas most affected and predominantly stitches come from running and jumping sports.  Tips for preventing side stitches 1. Drink water to prevent muscle cramps 2. Strengthen core muscles 3. Improve overall...

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