5 Cold Weather Sports that Will Keep You Fit



Although most people consider winter a time of hibernation that is free from too much activity, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can still engage in cold weather sports and keep yourself fit – while having a lot of fun in the process.

Here are five sports that will make the cold days seem not so long:

Skiing – Whether downhill or cross country, when you are navigating the snowy paths with long skis on your feet, you’re sure to get a good workout. Not only does it get your heart going, but it also helps you build up your leg muscles and core too.

Snowboarding – If you’d rather reduce your skis from two to one, then snowboarding is the sport for you. It may take a little more balancing, but you’ll still get the same type of workout benefits!

Sledding – You don’t get much of a workout going down the hill, but the trek back up will get you sweating. Put your kids in the sled behind you and you’ll increase the intensity of your calorie burn.

Ice Skating – Take a couple twirls across the frozen water and you’ll stay fit for sure. Just be sure to give your ankles added support if they are weak so you don’t injure them by doing a wobbly figure eight.

Building a Snowman – It may not really be a sport per se, but when you’re rolling around balls of snow and making a snowman with your kids (or solo), you’ll still receive a few healthy benefits; especially if you follow up with a snowball fight!

To engage in cold weather sports safely, dress in layers and keep your extremities warm to avoid frostbite. Stay hydrated to replace the sweat you lose and take frequent breaks.

Now get out in the snow and enjoy some fun – and fitness!

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