Speed Training How to Use a Weighted Training Vest

Speed training with FH Pro Weighted Vest.

This is Chris Divine a professional football Coach in Scotland. Chris has taken time to in making a detailed video on speed increase. This video aims to help people understand different techniques you can use to increase your natural speed using speed training exercises. 

Chris was completing these exercises with fitnesshealth.co equipment. 

Firstly, in the video Chis is using the fh pro weighted vest for speed increase, a simple but wonderful why to increase your speed. This works by the simple overload principle. More weight on the upper body will mean that your lower legs will have to compensate for the extra kilograms. Running can be very different with an extra 15 kg on your upper body, and completing complex drills as Chris has shown in the video, will deliver you with gains.

Combining the weighted vest with speed ladder drills will increase fast twitch muscle fibres, as you will be increasing your movement with more explosion. When removing the jacket for the same circuit you can really feel the difference. You will feel lighter and faster. I suggest using a stop watch and completing the same exercise three times in total and twice with the weighted vest and once without. Take a one minute rest in between each circuit and allow your muscles to recover before completing the circuit. 

Would like to thank Chris Divine from Absolute Sports Coaching for taking time and making the video on football speed development sports equipment 


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