Using the FH Pro Viper Harness Speed


Using the FH Pro Viper harness for speed training drills. In this video you will find information on using the harness for different drills and how to set up the harness for training.

It's important to notice that whilst using the viper harness I always use the strap extension around the supporting structures like poles or trees. 

Using the Viper Harness will help increase strength. Harness training helps increase the resistance and specify the training set ideally for sports players.

All training has to be specific for the sport. If you are a sports player and you want to increase your speed first you need to know the distance for your sprint. What’s the distance you want to improve 20 or 30 yard sprints ? or maybe 100m sprints ?

Using the viper harness for rugby could be that the resistance represents the opposition tackler, this can help increase strength and power making the player burst through the challenges. 

For football training the harness could represent a player holding your shirt trying to slow you down. 


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