tyrosine! all you need to know fitness and benefits


Tired of being feeling crashed after your intake of caffeine wears off? Want to do better during workouts? Want to be extra energised and focused throughout the day? Well, your problem can be easily solved if you know what to look for. You should let Tyrosine help you out.

Tyrosine has many benefits and provides them without making you feel jittery or causing you to crash (mentally and physically) when it wears off as caffeine does.

What is Tyrosine?

Tyrosine is one of the most underrated amino acids your body needs. Tyrosine can be obtained by eating protein-rich foods like cheese, eggs, milk, and sesame seeds or it can be obtained by taking nutritional supplements.

The best source of tyrosine is a whole egg; just one whole egg provides 295 mg of tyrosine. A human body can also make tyrosine by utilizing an amino acid called Phenylalanine.

Functions of tyrosine

The primary function of tyrosine is to produce neurotransmitters which are chemicals and exist in a large amount within our brain. In the brain, it is used to produce dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical that plays a vital role in enhancing attention span, memory, mood or sleep.

People who are happen to have ADHD or are suffering from certain types of depression often have low dopamine level.

The best way to get an adequate amount of tyrosine is through nutritional supplements. A body needs at least 500 mg and as much as 2-4 grams per dose daily to see results. However, the food we eat daily only contains a small amount of tyrosine which is insufficient for the body.

According to research, people find that taking a tyrosine supplement makes them feel more energized without making them getting all jittery or nervous; hence they are able to get their work done in less time.

Improved ability to concentrate will help you to do your work more efficiently and tyrosine and help with that.

Listed below are the two basic benefits of tyrosine. Research that has been done regarding tyrosine strongly supports that taking tyrosine can help in the betterment of your performance levels at work, gym and throughout the day.

  1. Tyrosine can help you exercise harder when it's hot outside

According to a study, taking a tyrosine supplement can help an individual exercise harder and longer when it’s hot outside. Results showed that people who took tyrosine supplement before cycling to exhaustion rode 11 minutes longer than when they took a placebo supplement.

  1. Tyrosine can help you perform better in stress

Being exhausted or lack of sleep affects a person’s performance adversely. Stress is poison but no worries! Tyrosine can help you work better when stressed. A study done on soldiers who were made to perform loads of work without enough sleep were performing better than the soldiers who didn’t take any tyrosine. This is due to the effects tyrosine leaves on the body’s dopamine level.

Recommended tyrosine dose

A normal individual should start with a low dose which is around 250-300 mg. This should be increased until results are noticeable. Some individuals require 2 to 3 grams to see positive results. The best part about the intake of tyrosine is that tyrosine supplements are relatively inexpensive, so if an individual needs a larger dose, it will be pocket-friendly.

A normal dose of tyrosine will also help to extend aerobic endurance, improve muscle strength, increase anaerobic power and will alter the levels of catecholamine. Tyrosine is also prescribed as an antidepressant as it has mood elevating properties.

Based on the aforementioned facts, figures and studies, it has been proved that tyrosine is very beneficial for health development, and it is highly recommended to be used. Although it is safe, you must still take care of the amount you take daily depending on what your body requires.

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