6 Most Important Dos and Don’ts for Professional Body Builders



Professional body building is like any other sport. There is a way to go about it that will bring you a physique worthy of medals and awards, and there are things that you could be doing that might contribute to your inability to achieve pro status.

How do other body builders earn top honors? They follow a few extremely important dos and don’ts. 

Here is three of each:

  • DO enlist the help of a pro body builder, if possible. No matter what area of your life you want to excel in, one of the best ways to learn is to find a mentor who has already accomplished the same goal.
  • DO increase your protein intake. Because you’re going to be building your muscles in strength and size, you’re going to need more protein. You can do this easily by adding a protein shake post-workout and choosing high-protein foods such as eggs, red meat, and nuts.
  • DO eat some carbs. Your training regimen is going to require a lot of energy, so you’re going to want carbs in your diet. The key is to choose healthy carbs like whole wheat, oatmeal, and barley.
  • DON’T over train. Sure, you want to get to a pro physique as quick as you can, but if you don’t give your muscles time to adequately heal in between workouts, you’ll risk damaging them.
  • DON’T restrict your calories too much. When you don’t give your body enough energy to make it through your grueling workouts, it will get it any way it can—which will likely be by breaking down your muscles.
  • DON’T be too strict. Most any body builder will tell you the importance behind cheat meals and giving yourself a little bit of flexibility. If you are too strict, you risk giving up completely.

If you’re into body building, what are some of your top dos and don’ts?

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