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Training consistently has unlimited advantages. Yet, as beneficial fitness training is for your physical and mental health, it can be equally damaging to your body if it is not done in the right manner.  Therefore, it is extremely significant to put your safety first when you are exercising vigorously. There are a number of factors which can upset your regularity when it comes to training. There are several ways in which you can step up your fitness regime, and become stronger without having to worry about injuring yourself. Take It Slow; You must make sure that the weight of the...

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Kettlebells are cannonball-shaped weights with a single handle on top, originating in Eastern Europe well before they made an appearance in the West. The claimed benefits of kettlebells appeal to individuals of all fitness ranks, genders, and ages. In the last couple of decades, the fitness industry has regrettably replaced traditional compound exercises with isolation exercises. Recently though, this ...READ MORE

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The process through which the musculoskeletal system is strengthened by using heavy resistances exercises is known as strength training. Strength training is also known as body building/sculpting, resistance training and weight training/lifting. Strength Training – its Benefits 1)      Muscle fibers become stronger and increase in size. 2)      Bones, tendons and ligaments become increase density, this helps reduce risks from injuries like sprains or breaks 3)      Decreases risks from suffering bone diseases like osteoporosis or arthritis  4)      Strength training increases the metabolism and body fitness level. It also enhances our physical appearance.   How to go about building strength?...

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