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  Our body holds three main types of muscle Cardiac Muscle- Involuntary muscle This means the muscle in active without conscious thought. The muscle has a lateral connection between the muscle fibres meaning that when active makes all the fibres react and contract at the same time. This is needed so that the blood is pumped upwards into the blood vessels, a large amount of force is required so this cycle can take place. The difference between the cardiac and skeleton muscle, when the skeleton muscle is activated it uses individual muscle fibres contract if it used all like the cardiac...

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Body Building -

Body building

One hard and heavy followed by two fast and effective.

plan 1

hard and heavy

10 sets

3 reps

Clean & Jerk fast and effective

1. leave 90 sec rest between changes.

12 reps

weight should = 12 rep max

  • 10,8,6,4 reps circuit (press up)
  • deadlift
  • push press
  • back squat

2. leave 60 sec between changes

14 reps

weight should = 14 rep max

  • bent over row
  • cleans
  • front squat
  • lunge

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