Gym Accessories

FH Rugby Tag Belts

Rugby Tag webbing belt with removable Velcro tabs. Simple reaction training aid for developing speed and agility. The length of the black belt is 42 inches 107 cm  The tags have...

From : £2.99

Vyomax Heavy Duty Canvas Lifting Straps

The Vyomax Canvas Weight lifting Straps help you gain muscle by lifting heavier weight without the worry of your grip, with a slip in design and wraparound strap that tightens...

From : £3.99

FH Pro Suspension Trainer Extending Belt Strap

Use your FH pro at any anchor point thanks to this handy nylon strap. This FH pro Extender allows you to attach a Suspension Trainer safely up to various vertical and...

From : £4.99

FH Pro Viper Slingshot Speed Power Resistance Belt Training

Viper slingshot speed training is excellent for strength agility increase. 2 Viper slingshot webbing belts with neoprene inside 3 meter long FH Viper Resistance Cord. This resistance cord is covered with...

From : £4.99

NXT Pro Lifting Straps

With NXT'S lifting straps you can help prevent cutting short another back workout. If you find that your grip is the first to go, these straps will help support the...

From : £4.99

York Fitness Weight Training Lifting Straps

York fitness Weightlifting straps improve your grip and protect your hands. Made from 100% cotton.

From : £4.99

FH Heavy duty lifting hooks

This pair of hooks lifting straps are heavy duty that works without fail, every time.For maximum grip on your bar for no slippage the heavy duty lifting hooks designed to...

From : £7.99

FH Pro Evasion Belt Training Speed Training

Fitness Health Pro Evasion Belt Training 2 piece set  Great defence training system Targeted to improve muscle reaction throughout the body Ideal for multi directional movement training Incredibly Versatile Exercise...

From : £7.99

FH Running Belt Mobile Phone Holder Waist Bag Pack

This mobile phone running belt with ample storage has been designed to be the perfect fit for all 5.5 inch phone screens. Using this multifunctional sports waist bag is a...

From : £7.99

York Fitness Weight Training Gloves Neoprene

These york fitness weight training gloves are made from Neoprene the Gloves give extra comfort with an easy fit velcro closure. The gloves benefit from a heavy duty construction with reinforced palms and are...

From : £8.99

BBE Pro Reaction Ball Heavy Duty Straps

Multi use straps manufactured from a combination of rubber cord and heavy duty webbed strapping. These fully adjustable straps also include a pair of snaplock hooks.

From : £9.99

FH Dipping Belt Body Building Weight Dip Lifting Chain Neoprene Training Dip

This dipping belt is a simple but effective design. This design makes it light and easy to carry, also it gives it added benefit of extra uses. The belt can...

From : £9.99