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FH Circuit Equipment Resistance Band Complete Set with Station Cards

FH Circuit Equipment Resistance Band Complete Set with Station Cards

Fitness Health Pro

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Product Feature:
  • This 5 band resistance exercise set is perfect for fitness trainers who want to add some new and challenging exercises to their routine.
  • With station cards that make setting up the workout easy, you'll be able to focus on giving your clients an awesome workout.

The basic set is a 5 band package , which includes:

5 Different resistance bands you can work from different stations the bands strength levels are below;

  • yellow - 10lbs 
  • orange -18 lbs
  • brown - 28 lbs 
  • green -30 lbs 
  • black - 35 lbs 

The station training cards come in sets of 10's. These A4 size sheets that are laminated for durability making sure that they last longer. 

Station cards exercises Description:

C1 - Bicep Curl , Reverse Curl, Lateral Tricep Extension, Overhead Press , Band Push UP, Upright row , Lateral Raises, Squat , Deadlift , Standing Bend over row 

C2 - Bicep Curl, Reverse Curl , Tricep Kickbacks, 1 Arm Upright Row, Band Push UP, Front Raises, Bent Over Lateral Raises, Squat , Deadlift , Standing Bent Over Row 

C3 - Squat Curl,  Reverse Curl , Tricep Double Overhead Extensions, Overhead Press, Frontal Raises, Lateral Raises, Squat , Dealift , Standing Bent Over Row 


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