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FH Resistance Band Exercise Flat Yoga Bands

FH Resistance Band Exercise Flat Yoga Bands

Fitness Health Pro

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Product Feature:

  • Tri resistance band set in three different levels. The flat resistance bands provides different band strengths of light, medium and heavy resistance.
  • They are non toxic latex bands designed to help increase strength and flexibility, ideal  for exercises during rehab and sports training targeting and working specific muscle groups around the body.
  • Excellent for pilates and yoga exercises, workouts can help strengthen muscular tendons, joints and deliver great conditioning effects.
  • During rehab and sports training, it’s important to stretch your muscle to help the recovery process, the bands will help you go beyond your normal range of motion and give you the added tension needed for your stretch.


Band length - 56 inches in length
120cm long x 7.5cm width   
Band colours and weights:
Yellow - Light Resistance 5lbs
Purple -  Medium Resistance 6lbs
Green - Heavy Resistance 8lbs

    Main Material: Latex

    Packed single Weight: 150gms



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