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Premium Glute Workout Resistance Band Leg Thighs and Kinetic Training Set

Premium Glute Workout Resistance Band Leg Thighs and Kinetic Training Set

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Product Feature:
  • Premium Leg Glute Set is Designed to help lower body improvement for athletes, the complete set will give you the resistance levels required for strength and stamina increase which will give you the cutting edge for your training sessions making you stronger than your competition.
  • FH Lateral Resistance Band is an aid that helps improve and strengthen your lateral motion. The band is made from heavy latex and is connected to two padded ankle straps. This type of training is highly recommended for racket and ball sports. Can also be use for pilates and yoga exercises. Resistance 25lbs in weight
  • FH Resistance Exercises Loop 4 Band Set is specifically designed for HITT workouts and rehabilitation physiotherapist training. X Heavy - Green 12 lbs Heavy - Blue 10 lbs Medium - Red 7 lbs Light - Black 6 lbs Each band is 30 cm in length and 5 cm width The set is easily transportable weighing at 100 grams in total, you can fit this whole set in your pocket.
  • The band package comes with two leg straps which fit around the higher thigh, you can adjust the leg cuff size to fit upper and lower legs for training different muscle groups. These leg straps are awesome tools in development of motor skill training; balance speed strength stamina.


FH Kinetic resistance leg band set designed to help increase fast twitch leg muscle fibres increasing explosive speed and strength. Different colour bands for different resistance levels. 2 Red Bands 11 lbs - Medium 2 Green Bands 16 lbs - Medium Heavy 2 Black Bands 22 lbs - Heavy Each bands length is 240mm. with 2 Padded Thigh Straps


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