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Extreme Sprint Training Harness - Leg Resistance Bands

Extreme Sprint Training Harness - Leg Resistance Bands

Fitness Health

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Enhance your performance like a pro athlete with the Fitness Health kinetic band Leg Resistance set. Designed to provide mobility and stability, this set activates fast-twitch muscle fibers, improving balance, core mobility, and glute activation. Additional benefits include enhanced speed, strength, reaction times, acceleration, and deceleration.

SPEED RESISTANCE POWER HARNESS: Extreme Sprint Training Harness - Leg Resistance Bands are optimally designed to assist with sports sprint training, hockey, rugby, short-distance running, and other athletic activities. This harness helps increase speed and strength, elevating power to help you reach top speed as quickly as possible.

COMPLETE SPEED TRAINING SET: Resistance Leg Band Set - 10 Piece Set - 6 Resistance Bands of 3 Resistance Pairs of the Following Levels - Black (Heavy, 22 lbs) - Green (Medium-Heavy, 18lbs) - Red (Medium, 11lbs) - 24 cm Band Length - extra padded neoprene support for comfort grip - 1 carry bag resistance bands. Suitable for adults and children from 12 years up.

Our Speed Resistance harness has been enhanced with 100% stronger padding, handles, and connections. Each comes with a Fitness Health carry case bag for simple storage.


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