700 rep workout upper body strength workout

This is 700 rep workout designed to work muscles of the arms, legs, back, shoulders and chest. Please make sure that you warm up before training.


This workout is going to take an hour to complete you will need an intermediate level of fitness to complete this workout.

Also the following equipment-

  • Suspension set
  • 20 kilo weighted plate x1
  • 5 kg weighted plate x 2
  • 20kg barbell X1
  • Suspension chest press 
  • 20 kg floor tap
  • incline press up 
  • Lateral raises with 5kg
  • (dumbbells or plates)
  • barbell overhead press 20kg
  • suspension chest fly
  • suspension back row
This session consists of 3 sets
  • Set 1 - 30 reps
  • Set 2 - 30 reps 
  • Set 3 - 40 reps 
2 minute break in between set's 

Fitness health shall not be liable for incident or consequential damages resulting from use of this product, or arising. Please contact a fitness professional or GP before performing any physical activity. All exercises should be made in a slow and controlled manner. 

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