3 pieces of fitness equipment you can workout at work

3 pieces of fitness equipment you can workout at work - Fitness Health


Everybody is aware of the importance of exercise, but a majority of us balk at the idea of going to the gym. Some of us are embarrassed to go to the gym while some find the membership quite expensive. Not to mention it is not always fun to work out and sweat in front of strangers. Moreover, our busy schedules make it very difficult to find the time to get ready and drive to the gym every day and fit in a gruelling workout.

Instead, it is highly convenient to invest in a few simple fitness equipment and workout at work. This way you do not have to make time to drive to the gym, and you can still maintain an active lifestyle.

resistance bands

Resistance bands   

Resistance bands are great exercise equipment as they fully engage the muscles during any resistance exercise routine. They can also be used for a variety of activities including injury recovery and strength training.

Perfect at any fitness level, resistance bands use constant tension to encourage muscle growth without putting any pressure on your joints which external weights like kettlebells and dumbbells do. They are ideal for targeting smaller stabilising muscles that we do not typically work.

Moreover, resistance bands are small and lightweight which makes them easy to carry or stash in a small space such as your desk drawer. This budget-friendly exercise equipment is made from 100% genuine eco-friendly latex which is gentle on the skin and still gets the job done. They go through rigorous stretch testing to ensure their strength.

No matter what your fitness level is, resistance bands provide a tool that is not only versatile but helps you add resistance on the go.    



Originally designed by a Navy Seal, the TRX Suspension Trainer is highly portable exercise equipment which can be set up easily anywhere where there is an anchor point including your office.

TRX refer to Total Body Resistance exercises which are a revolutionary workout method that utilizes gravity and body weight as resistance to build flexibility, balance, strength, coordination, core and joint stability.

Whatever your goal – be it to lose fat, build strength, improve flexibility or endurance the TRX Suspension Trainer is perfect for helping you achieve your fitness goals. You can perform dozens of exercises by simply leveraging your body weight to get a full body workout while simultaneously stimulating your core.

 You can simply add or decrease resistance by adjusting your body position. This allows you to be in control of how much you want to exert yourself making it perfect for people belonging to all fitness levels. As it is a very low impact training method, there is no risk of incurring an injury or aggravating a previous one.


Skipping Rope

If you want to add fun and creativity to your workouts, then you should definitely take up skipping rope. An extremely effective form of cardiorespiratory exercise the skipping rope does not require much more than a timer, some creativity, and a little space.

We burn almost five calories to consume one litre of oxygen. That is why exercises that target more muscle groups increase the demand for oxygen thus helping you to burn more calories. Anyone who has ever skipped rope for even just one minute is aware that it is a great way to elevate the heart rate and burn calories.     

A rope is a very lightweight piece of exercise equipment. It burns calories equal to an eight-minute mile run. Moreover, it helps to increase the resiliency and elasticity of lower-leg and strengthens the calf muscles.





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