Fitness exercises to help you recover from broken arm

Fitness exercises to help you recover from broken arm - Fitness Health

Upper body exercises you can do with broken arm

Building your body and maintain the strength is quite a difficult job in all types of circumstances. There is a great need for efforts, enthusiasm and punctuality if you want to maintain your strength permanently, but along with that, during these sessions, you can have to face the injuries as well. In this particular situation, the maintenance of the strength becomes more difficult and courageous.

In numerous types of injuries, the most difficult one is wrist and arm injury as in this situation, it becomes almost impossible to use your hands in exercise. Due to this particular situation, you can be tempted to leave the upper body exercises and training and concentrate on the lower body. It can also be suggested to switch to cardio, but with some carefully designed programs, it is also possible to work on your upper body maintenance. You just need to make sure that it is carefully designed, specially examined and authentically approved by your instructor.

Although, the expert opinion can only be given to you by your doctor or physiotherapist, but we can give you some basic information through which you can start your workout and increase it with the passage of time according to your body requirement.

At the start of the training

Right after getting out of the plaster and coming out of the injury of your arm or elbow, every lover of the game tries to join the gym again. In the early days, with one arm, you can start your exercises with maximum care, and for that, your personal trainer can help you. This trainer will help you in working out with one hand, which will maintain your upper body according to your requirement.

The exercises which can be conducted with one arm

The best practice during this time is to engage another athlete with you who will help you with his or her arm as most of the machines need two arms simultaneously so if someone is there who can make the weights and machines steady. This helps also develops your confidence as well, which is a basic need for the injured person in this particular situation.


The best friends in your gym with broken arm are static bikes. For improving your body and maintaining your strength, regular and recumbent bikes are equally wonderful, but for the wobbly feelings, a recumbent is more useful. Walking is another wonderful exercise which can be adopted during these days, and we recommend it better than a treadmill. Inclining and hiking are other exercises which can be useful for you and help in maintaining your strength.

Weight Lifting

The best athletes love their machines and want to spend their maximum time in the gym. Leg curls, squats and extensions can be performed very easily and must not be left. With a broken arm, it is not possible for a longer period of time to pick a weight which was your routine. Even after months, it is good not to pick the decent amount of weight. You can do some basic exercises with the help of a partner, but it is recommended to do it with maximum care and within limits. Along with these exercises, you must follow the instructions given to you by your physiotherapist.


Core and Circuits

It is also important to mention that the trainers must be equipped with all those expertise through which they can train you in this condition. They will devise a plan in which some special squats will be added. They will guide you in using gym balls and instruct you to climb and down. It is also possible to perform wall sits, step ups and lunges which will ultimately help you in maintaining your upper body parts and prepare you for the upcoming training after recovering from injury.


As it is said that swimming is the mother of all exercises so for you with a broken arm, nothing is better than swimming. Although, some people do not like it, if you have such an injury, you can work with your arms and shoulders which will help your muscles to come at normal gently. For weightlifters and bodybuilders, swimming is a wonderful exercise, and if you have a broken arm, you can maintain your body as well.

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