Circuit Training

Circuit training normally has three different levels known as the beginner, the intermediate and the advanced level. This training helps in improving the stamina and the mobility of the body. It also increases the overall the strength in the body.

In circuit training, there are around six to ten strengthening exercises. Each exercise in a circuit is done for certain time period and then the next one is done after some rest. When all the exercises in a circuit are completed then there is a longer resting period after which the next set of circuit training is done. The number of circuits will vary from two to six, depending on the training level. For circuit training, following exercise sessions can be conducted.


  • For total body workout, the circuit training sessions should include:
  1. Skipping
  2. Treadmills
  3. Squat thrusts
  4. Burpees
  • For trunk and core workout, the circuit training sessions should include:
  1. Stomach crunch for upper abdominals
  2. Sit ups for lower abdominals
  3. Back extension chest raise
  • For lower body workout, the circuit training sessions should include:
  1. Bench squat
  2. Shuttle runs
  3. Astride jumps
  4. Squat jumps
  5. Hopping shuttles
  6. Step ups
  7. Compass jumps
  • For upper body workout, the circuit training sessions should include:
  1. Inclined press up
  2. Medicine ball chest pass
  3. Bench dips
  4. Bench lift
  5. Pull ups
  6. Press ups

Advantages of circuit training:


  1. Circuit training can be adjusted according to the athlete’s health, fitness level and age.
  1. Circuit training helps in developing endurance.
  1. The circuit training program has different variety of exercises for all types of athletes.
  1. It also helps in developing strength.
  1. The circuit training is simple which helps in building the confidence level of the athletes.
  1. It is highly recommended training technique for almost all kinds of sports.

Disadvantages of circuit training:


  1. For circuit training special exercising equipment are required.
  1. All the time safety precautions have to be followed for using the exercising equipment.
  1. To setup circuit training, large space is required.
  1. Without the availability of proper facility, circuit training cannot be conducted.



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