how burn belly fat with resistance band training


In today's world, people are consuming more junk food than ever, more fast food outlets and cheap processed options are available people are struggling to live a healthy lifestyle. Due to this, obesity is increasing all over the world. So, more people are looking for ways to reduce their waist size and want to know how to burn belly fat

A high level of belly fat raises the risks and dangers of many health problems and diseases increasing your chances of getting infections. Other than this, belly fats can also increase the risk for heart diseases, some types of cancers, and type 2 diabetes.

Make the change, you must have to push yourself if you want to decrease your belly fat. One of the easiest ways to burn belly fat is through upper body resistance training. Resistance band are light weight and easy to store doing resistance training with the help of a high-quality resistance band can be very helpful in fat burning.


Resistance Band

The resistance bands are a cheap alternative to weights, and are highly effective for fitness workouts, making them some of the best choices for fitness equipment in the market. Other than fat burning, resistance bands are excellent to add some muscles and strength to your body. In addition to this, they can also be used for HIIT workouts in order to improve your cardiovascular fitness. 

Moreover, resistance bands are also a piece of very portable fitness equipment. You just need to take your resistance band in the luggage and do your workout whenever you want and wherever you want.


Exercises to Perform with Resistance Band to Burn Belly Fat

There are many exercises that you can do with your resistance band in order to burn belly fat. Today, we have shortlisted some resistance exercises that you can perform with the help of a high-quality resistance band like FH LEG RESISTANCE EXERCISE MINI LOOP BAND  and FH PRO ADVANCED RESISTANCE.


Given below are some of the exercises that you can perform with resistance bands in order to burn belly fat. You can easily perform these exercises, and this will hardly take 20 minutes. But, you will get very impressive results with the help of resistance exercises.


So, Let's dive in:-



Perform each of these exercises given below for 1 minute each with no break in between the exercises. Perform these exercises for 3 rounds and take a 1-minute break after each round. Start by doing a 5 minutes warm-up session in order to ride a stationary bicycle or just by marching.


Football Run:

Place your resistance band on the ground and straddle the band with broad feet. Then run in the area as fast as you can, and also pump your arms while moving your feet.


Side Jump:

Put both the feet on one side of your resistance band and hop quickly to the other side. Then keep on hopping from side to side till a lap is completed.


Power Leaps:

Hold the two ends of the resistance band with each hand. Lift your arms above your head and pull the resistance band till it seems taut. Now leap ahead with both feet while still holding the activated band and again go back to the starting position. Repeat this exercise for 1 minute.


Monkey Feet:

Place the resistance band on the ground and face towards it. Quickly step your right foot and then your left foot over it. Then, step backward over the resistance band. Repeat the process of going forward and backward for 1 minute.


Single Legged Hops:

Hop over your resistance band with just one foot for 30 seconds. Then shift to another foot and perform the same process for another 30 seconds.


Final Words

The exercises mentioned above will help you to burn belly fat. However, you have to pick high-quality resistance bands like  FH LEG RESISTANCE EXERCISE MINI LOOP BAND  and FH PRO ADVANCED RESISTANCE to make sure they last for a long duration.


Moreover, fat burning also depends on other things such as low calories intake and excessively doing complete bodywork. You can combine this resistance training with intermittent fasting to burn belly fat much faster. Visit us at Fitness Health for more of such life-changing content.

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