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  People, nowadays, have become more health conscious due to increased awareness about how fitness can improve their overall health. A high fitness level does not only mean that you are able to get rid unnecessary fat stored in your body and maintain a perfect figure, it also helps to achieve many health benefits such as strong muscles, better blood circulation, healthy heart and skin and much more that can aid in making your life better. Following are ten reasons why you should improve your fitness level to get maximum health benefits and improve your life: You feel more energetic...

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    Running is an excellent way of conditioning your cardiovascular system. Running is a highly aerobic activity. It's able to utilise both fatty acids and carbohydrates for the production of energy. A typical runner tends to have a slow resting pulse rate and high maximal oxygen consumption. Numerous echocardiography studies show that distance runners tend to have larger, thicker left ventricles in their hearts and happen to be more efficient than those of sedentary people for pumping a greater volume per beat. So, if you've been meaning to start running, you should start doing do in spring. That’s because...

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  If you tend to run long distances, you will know how important having the right gear is. You will recognise the following products if you have been running for some time, but if you are just starting out, they will help you to stay on track and get the best out of your running. Read on to see which items are essential for long distances: Running shoes These are the most important item for runners. You must not run in shoes designed for other sports, as they will not provide you with the right support you need for running....

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  So when start working out you wish to start doing intense workout straight away in order to achieve those six-packs that you’ve been wanting since forever. However, your trainer might stop you often from doing that by telling you that the best way to burn fat and gain muscle is by doing lots and lots of cardio, right? Wrong! This is exactly what you should not be doing if you want a ripped body. According to various researches doing cardio exercises for long periods can actually have more disadvantages than advantages.  Disadvantages of doing steady-state cardio exercises all the...

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  Are you considering taking up mountain climbing? Well, then you will agree that whether you’re taking this up as a one-shot adventure or as a profession or hobby, it is important that you train your body accordingly. Since you’re putting your body out into the open, you need to be prepared to deal with the difficult situations that you are going to face at the summit of the mountains. The least thing that you’d want to do is simply take your gears and your backpack and head out. Your body needs to be prepared in order for you to...

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