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  Are you suffering from back pain? Are you finding it extremely difficult to move around without experiencing extreme jolts of pain? Well yes, this is because you have managed to injure your spinal cord. The spinal cord is an important part of your body; it allows your muscles and tendons to move around easily without causing you any sort of issues. Now if you were to suffer from any sort of back pain, bear in mind that it could cause you to suffer from extreme pain and immobility as well. While there are many back exercises that help in...

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  You must have come across the term ‘body recomposition’ many times, especially if you tend to visit the gym a lot. For those of you who might not know, body recomposition, usually known as recomp, is basically the process in which one reduces his or her body fat while adding muscle mass as well. You might have seen men and women who used to be fat but are now quite lean instead. You might even be wondering what happened to them. Well, they likely went through body recomposition! While many people do believe that there is no such thing...

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There are many benefits associated with Pilates. These benefits are similar to practices such as Yoga and meditation for a start. Most people prefer to think of Pilates as a single form of aerobic exercise, though the poses and approaches are very similar to Yoga or movement based meditation. A few of the benefits of Pilates include: Lowering Blood Pressure Studies show that regular Pilates can actually help to lower blood pressure to normal levels if it is too high. Reduced Muscle Tension People that experience tense muscles or joints find Pilates to be of great benefit in the reduction...

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Although most people spend more time planning the exercises they are going to do determining the length of time they will work out, proper fitness begins before you even step foot in the gym. After all, the clothes that you decide to wear while engaged in your exercise routine may potentially make or break your ability to reach all of your health related goals.  So, which ones are best? Loose Fitting Tops and Bottoms It may be tempting to wear tight t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, and leggings, but looser clothes work better for you when you are working up a...

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  Static stretching has extensively been used in warm-ups, with the intention of augmenting performance and sinking the risk of injury. Contemporary assessments of the writings dealing with the role of static stretching question its use as such. There is diminutive, if any, indication that stretching pre- or post- partaking averts injury or following muscle soreness. Although static stretching before activity may augment performance in activities that necessitate an increased range of motion, such as gymnastics, static stretching can compromise muscle performance. For example, static stretching has been shown to result in a reduction in force production, power performance, running...

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