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  It has been a saga as old as time, people, in general, want to indulge in food and all the other delights, all the while maintain their perfect weight with little to no physical work done. During the time of such need, comes supplements or weight reduction medication. Supplements works wonders when one achieves the minimal requirement of healthy food without eating broccoli, for example. While in search of something that would result in weight reduction without doing much labor, scientists stumbled onto Acetyl-L-carnitine [ALCAR]. This tiny little molecule has become a key ingredient in all diet pills and...

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  Football, also known as association football or soccer, is a game played between players of 2 teams. The team with more goals wins. Football is considered as the world’s most popular game in numbers of participants and spectators. It can be played almost anywhere, from official football playing fields, streets, schools, parks, playgrounds, for its simple rules and equipment. Out of all professional games, football requires the most elaborated uniform essentials.  This is because football is admittedly a rough and dangerous game. Additionally, when it comes to football, the competition is fierce. Preparation is the key if you want...

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  Supplements, diet and working out go hand in hand. All of them are interdependent on each other and are practically useless on their own. There is no point of spending endless hours in the gym and having an extremely soar body if you are not accompanying that with some supplements and a proper diet. Post workout supplements are something very common, and people tend to take it as a part of their routine. On the other hand, the trend of the pre-workout supplement is not really popular. A lot of people don’t know that they can boost their workout...

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  Games are a strong social advantage, let it be sports or other indoor games. On the whole aspect, most of the time it is not about losing or winning, the reason for being an active participant of sports, because the winner and loser both enjoy it at the end, games are the major nudge to your body and they are a teacher to your spirit of valiance and longanimity. Games not only require you to be physically prepared but also to be mentally ready. As the proverb “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” sums up the importance of being...

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  Agility is the distinguishing factor amongst athletes. There are a number of athletes out there who however are not the star players in the team, but because of their swiftness and pace, they are almost impossible to defend. Over the years there have been multiple ways to describe agility, but now one common definition that is being followed in almost all sports is that agility refers to a sudden swift reaction of an athlete when he/she faces an unusual situation. It requires multiple changes in direction and use of instant reflexes. When an athlete is able to do this,...

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