Is The Food We Are Eating Ageing Us?

Is The Food We Are Eating Ageing Us?

The Truth:

We’re living longer, but the wrinkles are coming early. So, is our food making us aging before actual time? The answer may surprise you. There have been several studies where the positive correlation between ageing and the diet we choose was significantly highlighted. According to Mr.Ostad of the American Academy of Dermatology; what we eat affects our skin, which is why a persistent poor diet can accelerate the ageing process.

The Culprits Behind The Early Aging:

When we talk about the food items that make us look like we’re forty when we’re just twenty-seven, we’re talking about the most consumed food today. Blame it on the rise of fast food items or Abraham Lincoln, the only thing we can do is fight back. Before doing that, you must know the culprits; the most common ones are listed for you to avoid:

  • SUGAR:

We get it, you can’t stay away from chocolate ice cream, but there’s a strong reason why you really should try (please?) Excessive sugar consumption can accelerate glycation, a process that occurs when there is more sugar in your body that can be processed, thus why the extra sugar molecules combine with protein to form advanced glycation products, which damage the skin’s collagen. Even if we ignore that science smuck, it’s not good for that beautiful smile! Sticky sweet items decay and discolor your teeth.


No need to be salty (pun intended) if you actively avoid salt in your cooking, you are still at risk if you buy preserved and processed can foods. Excess sodium retains water and makes you look bloated. Meat items such as sausages also have preservatives which encourage skin inflammation and encourage aging. Red meat generates free radicals, which require excess electrons that they steal from healthy cells. This damages the collagen and enhances wrinkles.


These  drinks make you feel youthful, but they make you look older; quite the irony. Both types of drinks strip off the enamel from your teeth and discolor them. The caffeine makes you excrete fluid and depletes the moisture in your body, including your skin; making it look dehydrated, dull and aged.



But, all is not lost. Apart from just avoiding the culprits, you can eat some superfoods which reverse signs of aging. Let us explain:

  • Broccoli, cauliflower, and kale, etc. are great veggie options which have chemicals that detoxify the body and revive the skin.
  • Eggs have nutrients and antioxidants which help prevent muscle degeneration all over your body, preventing the skin from
  • Blueberries fight the free radicals which feed off healthy cells and make your cells live longer.
  • DARK CHOCOLATES! Oxidant rich just like collagen which you can get as supplements.
  • Nuts and figs which prevent cognitive decline and oxidative stress
  • Salmon; super oxidant reverses DNA damage in cells, lowers bad cholesterol by its Astaxanthin; both essential to reduce aging signs.
  • Eat Maca! Which normalizes estrogen and testosterone, a primary biomarker of aging is hormonal decline. This fights just that.
  • Turmeric has anti-aging and skin-lightening properties.
  • Avocado has phytochemicals, monounsaturated fatty acids alongside oxidants which fight aging and keeps our vessels healthy.



How Does This Work?

These foods fight against oxidative stress which is a major ageing factor that inflammates and degrades healthy cells. These foods block pathways that cause inflammation and endorse a healthier lifestyle. They also give you added benefits such as lower heart disease risks, skin protection, cognitive development, skeletal and vision protection.



In the end, all we can advise is that you to cut down the foods that age you and up the intake of all the healthy stuff, to look good and feel good. Those wrinkles can’t let you get down yet!



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