10 Natural Muscle Pain Remedies

    When your muscles are sore, it can be hard to keep up with your exercise routines and improve your physical health. Therefore, the best thin...

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Sports Injury Knee Pain Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation for a sports Knee  Injury 

As with the human shoulder, a selection of injuries and surgical measures exist for the knee joint. Here we discuss three collective disorders of the knee: anterior knee pain, anterior cruciate ligament injury, and total knee arthroplasty. In addition to this, exercise considerations (indications and contraindications) after release from rehabilitation...

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How to Stretch


Body stretching

Do you do everything you can to increase your physical fitness, such as eating right and performing regular cardio and strength training exercises, but neglect to take the time to stretch? If so, you could be missing a very important key to good health.

Benefits of Stretching

Performing daily exercises that involve stretching your muscles is important to your overall physical wellness. Some...

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Smart goal setting

When setting a new goal we often forget to add the specific element into our program, for example,’I want to lose weight ? ‘ how much weight would you like to lose ? and by when ? Do you mind putting all the weight back on in three months ?

One of the best ways to health check your goals when setting your program is by using the SMARTER principles.

Specific (What exercise ?)

I want to lose weight...

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The Body Skeletal System


The Skeletal system is made up from bones and tissues ; ligaments, tendons and cartilage.


Shape of the skeleton gives our body its characteristics and provides a framework for muscular attachment within our body. Without its characteristics the body framework  would not be unable to perform  movement and our human bodies  would be simple blobs of muscle and fat without the Skeletal.


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