Useful Home Remedies For Back Spasm


Have you ever face difficulty in moving? Or suffer from sudden severe pain in the back of your body? These are both the signs of the back spasm. The back spasm is a sudden discomfort a person can feel in the lower back. This severe muscle pain can make it difficult for the person to move properly. The tensing of the muscles in the lower back is known as back spasm. Many people do suffer from back spasm at some stage of their life. It can be treated without surgery.

There can be different reasons for the back spasm. Some of the reasons include back injury or heavy lifting. Any activity that needs excessive weight on the muscles can cause damage to the bones. This might be the biggest reason for a back spasm.

Causes of Back Spasm:

Turning your back suddenly and continuously can also cause back spasm. Some sports such as golf or tennis can cause back spasm. Raptured disc or cord of the backbone can also cause you to suffer from a back spasm. The weak muscles are easy to get injured and cause the back spasm, especially in older people.

The patient of arthritis can also be the victim of the back spasm easily. It is because arthritis can put the pressure on the spinal cord which may result in the lower back pain.

There are different symptoms one may feel to diagnose back spasm in the early stage. Diagnosing back spasms is easy with below-mentioned tips. You can check the severity and the causes yourself.

  • Severe back pain.
  • How many times a day you suffer from this muscular pain.
  • Which treatment gives you relief?
  • When was it all started?

Your physician can advise you to have some x-rays to diagnose the severity of the back spasm. The patient should also discuss the reason for the pain in case of sports injury.

There are different natural remedies as well to prevent back spasm. You can follow these remedies to avoid any muscular pains.

Natural Remedies for Back Spasm:

  • Your Diet:

Keeping a balanced diet can prevent you from a back spasm. The main reason for the back spasm can be the weak bones. If you wish to avoid weak bones, you need to take a proper intake of minerals and essential vitamins. The less intake of vitamins B can also lead you to the back cramps. To avoid these back cramps, you should add eggs, meat or fish in your diet to make your muscles stronger.

  • Massaging and stretching Your Muscles:

People who are not so active are the easiest victims of the back spasm. To prevent back spasm one need to stay active throughout the day. You can stretch up your muscles and include some exercise on a daily basis. The regular back massage is also very helpful in treating back spasm. Spending 10 to 15 minutes regularly in stretching your muscles is not a bad deal to prevent back spasms.

  • Prevent Dehydration:

Dehydration is the most common cause of back spasm. One needs to be hydrated and drink a lot of water to avoid back spasms. A Person who sweats a lot should drink water eight times per day. 

  • Ice Packs/Heat Massage:

The ice pack massage is also very helpful in treating back spasms. The heat packs or ice pack massage can easily give you relief from muscular pains. The person can also take a bath with Epsom salt regularly to relief the sensitive muscles.

  • Fixing Your Posture:

A person should also fix their posture to avoid back spasms. The bad posture can be the reason for rupturing the muscle tissues. The ruptured tissues can later lead the person to the back spasms. Walking or standing with bad posture can also lead you to muscular pains.

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