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The Caveman Diet


Are you looking for a diet that doesn’t involve taking any unnatural or unhealthy substances? Would you like to try an eating plan that includes nothing but ‘real’ foods?

What it is

The Caveman Diet, also called the Paleo Diet, is centered on the premise that in order to be healthy you should return to a diet to what our ancestors used to have. By cutting out all the processed...

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Eating According to Your Blood Type                 When we talk about diet, we often associate it with choosing the right kinds and amount of food, preferably fruits and vegetables which are rich in fiber and other nutrients that are mainly needed by the body. Along with the proper selection of food is a daily exercise necessary to burn all the foods that you have consumed as well as to stretch those body parts. A new type of diet which might not ring a bell to everybody is known as “Blood Type Diet”. This might somehow be new to our ears,...

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The Toning Shoe

Two years ago was the birth of the fitness toning shoe. A new fitness revolution started with the new style fitness shoes that would force more range of motion with each step made. The shoes were first launched by American shoe giant Stretchers,  since then we have seen a large number of different brands launch they’re version of toning fitness shoes.

How do they work ?


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Low fluid water intake throughout the week is normal. On average we need 2.5 litres of fluid per day making sure that we stay hydrated. We can often find there will be a big margins between recommended daily intake of fluid and actual fluid intake. 

Caffeinated (diuretic) drinks can often leave you dehydrated, often people drink more cola, soft drinks, coffee and tea drinks rather than pure...

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What is the main difference between eating fresh or frozen vegetables Eating raw fresh vegetables is always the best way to ensure your getting all the whole nutrients from your vegetables. But often vegetables like spinach, peas and corn come in frozen packages. Are these foods still good when frozen? Eating vegetables are always good including frozen vegetables too. Most of the vegetables that are sold from fresh sometimes lose their nutrients before they reach our mouths. Frozen vegetables are treated in a different way, when the frozen vegetables are picked they're frozen straight away making sure the farmer gets...

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