How to Fit In Exercise When You “Don’t Have Time”

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How many times have you said that you’d love to exercise but that you simply “don’t have time”? After all, when you’re busy trying to run kids here and there, still manage to get work projects done on time and support a household, adding one more item to your to-do list is probably the last thing you want to do.

Despite the fact that you’re already overworked, there are some ways that you can fit exercise into your daily schedule without having to get up earlier, stay up later, or rush around more than you already do. Here are some ways to do it:

Use your wait time to get fit

If you’re stuck on hold, waiting for a person to pick up on the other end of the phone line, pace for a little cardiovascular exercise or lift some hand weights to work your biceps. When you’re sitting in traffic or in line at the store, contract your ab and butt muscles to work them without anyone else being any wiser.

Incorporate it into your normal activities

One of the easiest ways to get fit is to make your ordinary activities more of a workout. For instance, when you are folding laundry, do squats to pick the clothes up out of the basket, or if you are vacuuming, do lunges as you walk around the house.

Get fit and create memories with your kids at the same time

You should always have time to spend with your kids so make that time active and better for your health (and theirs). Engage in a game of tag or play a sport with them. Teach them to be active themselves and you’ll be giving them the gift of health for a lifetime.

You don’t have to set aside 30-60 minutes of uninterrupted workouts to enjoy being fit. Try things like these and you’ll notice a tighter physique without ever having to set aside time to “work out”.

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