How Do You Help a Child Lose Weight?

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Having an overweight child can be a tricky subject. You want to help them lose weight so they can be healthy, but too much pushing can send them in the opposite direction and make the problem worse than ever. So, how do you help a child lose weight in a way that gets results but doesn’t hurt their self-esteem in the process?

Be a Good Role Model

Kids learn more from what they see you do than what you tell them to do. Therefore, if you want your child to eat healthy and exercise, that is what you should be doing to. After all, if you’re not willing to put in the time and effort, why would they want to?

Make Being Healthy Easy

Keep the junk food out of the house and stock up on healthy foods so that your child won’t have to fight the urge to choose between the two. This makes being healthy easier and losing weight will be the natural result.

Engage in Fun Physical Play

Don’t teach your child that exercise has to be dull and boring. Make it fun by engaging in a game of tag or any other physical activity that they enjoy. The more they look forward to being active, the easier it will be to help them burn calories and lose their excess pounds.

Be Positive About Health

Your attitude toward healthy behaviors will become their attitude toward healthy behaviors, so be aware of how you talk about and refer to health. If you consider it a chore and something that has to be done, they will likely think the same. However, if you promote getting and staying healthy as something that you want to do because you’ll feel better and live longer, that is the attitude they’ll probably have too.

Don’t Belittle Their Current Weight

Making references to their current weight won’t get them to stop eating. In fact, it may just make them want to eat more. Make sure that they receive your love regardless and simply teach them healthy behaviors without talking about their weight in the process.

Do these five things and your child will naturally lose weight and gain self-esteem in the process. It’s a good trade off.

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