The 1 Thing You Can Do to Achieve Health



When it comes to health, people are constantly searching for what they can do to be healthy. There are tons of articles, blogs and YouTube videos about what to eat, which exercises are best and how you can live your life so that your body stays healthy and strong. But, what is the one thing that most of them are missing?

It’s attitude. Research has shown time and time again that having a positive and optimistic attitude can make all the difference in the world when it comes to not only staying healthy, but in beating any sort of bug or disease that tries to take hold of your body.

In fact, there are several stories about people who have survived deadly situations simply because they had the drive to do so. One such narration involves a man who got stuck in the wilderness with his arm wedged between a large boulder and the earth. He had a knife in his pocket and used it to cut his arm off, which should have ended his life right there. However, he chose to keep a good attitude and continue to move forward – both of which saved his life despite what science said should have happened to him.

On the flip side, there was a man who found himself locked in a meat freezer on a Friday night. All of the other workers had already left and there was no way out. He found a piece of paper and scrawled out a note to his family about how cold he was and that he loved them. Sure enough, he was found the next morning deceased.

Here’s the surprising part: The freezer wasn’t on. It was 60 degrees in there so he should have been able to survive. However, his autopsy revealed that he froze to death. Why? Because that is what he told his mind was happening and his body followed suit.

So, if you want to enjoy health both now and in the future, keep your faith and spirits up. Amazing things can happen when you do!

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