Top Three Fitness Challenges


Below are some of the most invigorating fitness challenges out there!

Fitness Challenge #1: Run For Your Life

Making use of the ever so popular apocalyptic future theme, this fitness challenge has its very own team of zombies that are interwoven into the game itself. Essentially, participants wear belts with flags attached (representing the participant’s health), and they have to make their way through the five-kilometre, zombie-infested, course (containing twelve individual obstacles, like sprinting through water, mud and fake blood). The undead will attempt to steal the participant’s health flags and thus, the goal of the participant is to make it to the end of the race with at least one of the health flags. If all of his or her flags are taken from the undead, then he or she, in turn, joins them. After the race has been completed an ‘Apocalypse Party’ is held, including food, music, and alcohol. The registration for this challenge is typically $77 (U.S. dollars).

Fitness Challenge #2: Rugged Maniac

Participants have to traverse five kilometres of various kinds of terrain, like ski slopes, motocross tracks, forests, and fields while simultaneously taking on fifteen obstacles. These obstacles can be quite taxing, like climbing up a two-metre high wall, crawling under barbed wire, descending an eighteen-metre waterslide, and leaping over fire. That last one alone makes this particular fitness challenge unique.

Fitness Challenge #3: Empire State Building Run

If excessive variety is not something you hold in high regard, or if you prefer to be physically taxed and don’t mind being in an enclosed space, then perhaps this challenge will appeal to you. Participants of this challenge have to climb a staggering 86 flights (1,576 steps) in the iconic New York City tower. Participants would ascend the tower and upon reaching the observation deck, they are treated to refreshments. This challenge is most certainly one of the more taxing ones!


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