Breakfast Pancake Recipe


Pancakes aren’t the healthiest breakfast choice by far but they can be packed with nutrients and all your daily energy needs.

For the pancake batter you need;

1 cup whole eggs
1 cup of Spelt flour
1 cup of milk


Break eggs and fill one whole cup , then place into a bowl beat. Next add 1 whole cup of milk and last add the spelt flour, mix together until thick batter is formed.

Once the batter is ready place frying pan on medium with a little oil. Once the pan is hot pour the batter into the centre of the pan, always make test pancake to check that batter is to your liking. If you want it thicker just add more flour and for thinner add more milk.

Once the thickness is correct make your pancakes, normally it takes 1 minute each side once the pan is pipping hot, always add a little oil after every 3 pancakes .

Serve with honey and fruity goodness !

pancake recipe  


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