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Top Rated Cycling Apps from Fitness Health

Cycling is a best way to remain fit and healthy. You can lose lots of weight just by cycling. Cycling is a best exercise. There are many apps for cycling. Let us check the top 5 cycling apps.

 1. “Size My Bike” by La Pomme Chez Vous

Size My Bike is an iPhone app developed by La Pomme Chez Vous. Cost of this app is $4.99.

With this app, you can determine the exact size for a bike. With 6 body measurements, this app calculates the size for a bike.

2. “Cyclemeter GPS” from Abvio, LLC

 Abvio, LLC has developed Cyclemeter GPS. This cycling app is available for $4.99. This popular cycling app is for iPhone.

Through this application one can easily track location and time. This app also tracks the traveling speed, distance covered and elevation.

The information gathered by this app during the journey is displayed via calendars, charts and maps. All the milestones reached during a journey are announced through a voice system.

Through this app, you can email the recorded data to anyone. You can also share all the data recorded by this app on your social network account.

It is the most advanced cycling app which is must for every cyclist.

3. “Bicycle Gear Head” by Grumpy Dodo

Bicycle Gear Head is developed by Grumpy Dodo. This iPhone app will cost you $2.99. This app is used to calculate all the information about the bicycle gear. It’s a great app for a multi-gear bike. By using this app, you can find out gear related information in real-time like meters of development, inches, miles and gain ratio per hour per RPMs. This app takes information like chain-rings, wheel size, sprockets and crank length to dish out all the above mentioned gear information.

4. Ron Forrester presents “The Bike Doctor”

The Bike Doctor app is developed by Ron Forrester. Cost of this app is $4.99.

There is always a strong possibility of breakdown while riding a cycle. This app teaches you how to repair a bike. This app provides pictorial demonstration of how to fix around twenty-five various issues related to a bike. You can save the repairing cost by using this app.

5. “Bike Light” from HeavyLifters Network

Bike Light is an iPhone app released by HeavyLifters Network. You can lay your hands on it by paying $1.99.

This app is essential while riding in dark. It’s a red flash light for better visibility at night.

These are the top 5 cycling apps for iPhone, so go get them.

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