Best Arm Exercises for Muscle Increase


Arm Exercises Muscle Increase

There are several exercises for the lower and the upper arm. There are many exercise equipments which can be used for arm workout. Let us check some of the best arm exercises.

  • Chin ups

You just need an overhead bar to do chin-up exercise. Use a close grip to work on your biceps. As you move up, make sure that your legs are crossed and they don’t touch the ground when you move down.

  • Standing barbell curl

The standing barbell curl is the best exercise for building huge biceps. In this exercise, your arm will constantly use the muscles of your forearm and the bicep.

In this exercise, the torso should not swing and the upper body should be stationary. Both the arm should be moved up and down by holding the barbell.

The elbows should be fixed to the sides and only the arms should be slowly moved up, till the barbell is near the chin and then again the arm should be brought down slowly to the initial position. Several sets should be done in order to build strong biceps.

  • Hammer curl by using dumbbell

The hammer curl will not only work on your bicep but also on your forearm muscles. In this exercise, stand straight and fix the upper arm to the body and then slowly lift the weight till it touches the shoulder. As you move your arm up and down, you will notice that it is a hammer like action.

  • Alternating dumbbell curl

In alternating dumbbell curl, the upper arm is fixed to the body and the palm faces the body at the starting position. As you lift the weight, the palm faces the head.

Remember, all the above exercises not only provide workout to your arms but they also provide workout to the other parts of the body as well, so go for them.

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