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Benefits From Sex


Other than the obvious advantage of how good it feels, it turns out that spending more time between the sheets is also beneficial for your health. Not like you need a reason to get more bedroom action, but, if you’re looking for one (or five), here are some benefits that you may make you want to go to bed a little earlier tonight:

It helps you deal with stress more effectively. Not only is sex a physical release, but it also creates a closeness between two people that may lessen the normal effects of everyday stress. So, make sure you have that after-the-action cuddling to gain the fullest effect.

It enhances the function of your immune system.Your body uses an antibody called immunoglobulin A to help ward off colds and other infections. By engaging in a little nookie once or twice a week, your body makes more of it, which leaves you cough and cold free.

It’s good for your heart.Studies show that men who are more sexually active have a lower risk of dying from a heart attack. Maybe it’s from the cardiovascular workout, or just a higher level of happiness. Really, does it matter why as long as it extends the life of your ticker?

It reduces men’s risk of prostate cancer.Not like men, specifically, need more reason, but if you’re trying to convince your partner that your health depends on it, this is a great one to use. Apparently, the more a man ejaculates, the less his risk of prostate cancer. Be careful guys that this one doesn’t backfire on you since there’s more than one option to complete the job.

It burns calories. It’s estimated that a half hour of sex burns roughly 85 calories. Really, can you think of a better workout program?

If you want to live longer and be healthier, it’s time to light some candles and pour some champagne. It will do your entirebody good.


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