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Just as every man aims for well-developed muscles and a six-pack, every
woman fantasizes on having the perfect hourglass-shaped body with well-curved hips that sway with
every step they take, catching every man’s sight.

One of the natural ways of attaining it is simply through exercise. We all know that, however
what we do not know is the right and simplest ways of achieving it without having to spend much
going into gyms or having to pay any surgeries just to enjoy such a figure. A constant exercise when
done properly could bring wonders not just for your shape but as well as to your body in general.
Here are various exercises that can be inserted to your usual exercise routines that would really
shape up those curves, maintain your body’s firmness and could help in strengthening your hips
and legs.

Lying in bed or on a mat and performing leg lifting is a better way in making hips become
wider which contributes to a more emphasized curvy hip.

To do this, simply lay your back and legs straight on a mat with your hands on the side.
Gently raise your leg up to a 90 ? position and hold for about 30-45 seconds, then lightly
move the leg downwards.
Repeat the exercise for about 15 times per leg every day. With a continuous exercise, you
would surely notice the changes in no time.

After trying to widen your hips, applying side leg lifting could greatly enhance your curvy

First step is to find a comfortable place wherein you will have enough space to extend your
Secondly, face the wall and place your palms in it reserving just an enough space between
you and the wall. This would serve as a balance.
Slowly lift your legs sideways while maintaining your balance and focusing more on your
hips and thighs. Then, gradually move your legs back to its previous position.
Repeat the exercise for about 10 times each leg. Make sure that you are moving slowly but

Squatting paired with the leg exercises can be a very helpful way in easily developing curvy
hips. Lunges could also be added if you prefer having it.

Perform squat position with a 12-inch gap in between legs. Try to extend your arms in front
of you to serve as a balance.

Lower your hips to below parallel, then gradually move yourself up. Repeat these steps for
about 30-45 times.

Aside from the above mentioned exercises, you could also try dancing while emphasizing
the movement of your hips. Food intake should also be regulated so as to achieve a maximum
result. Nothing automatically takes effect for just one whole night, try to include the exercises to
your routine and surely best results would follow. No extra payments made, it only requires a little
of your time, enthusiasm and effort.

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