How to poach an egg


The best way to poach an egg

poached egg

Always use fresh eggs when possible, if you use old eggs you will normally find the egg whites are weak and the yolks tend to break in the pan.

Try to put the eggs to the pan with a cup or large spoon. Always avoid breaking the egg in the pan direct.

Place  3 inches of water in the pan, add either vinegar or lemon juice, 1 tsp per each cup of water. If you have neither of these acids then you can use salted water instead.

Bring your water to the boil then add the eggs into the pan and reduce the heat by quarter.

If you like your eggs runny then cook for 4-6 minutes , medium 7 minutes or fully cooked 8-10 minutes.

Eggs will normally absorb heat from the water and they will take longer to cook. Always check the size of the egg, if you have small eggs then the times above are fine. If you have larger normally add a minute longer.

If you aim to remove eggs with a slotted spoon and remove any excess water.


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