Aspirin cuts cancer causes


Research with new health benefits from Aspirin has been recently released. Amazingly the outcome has shown that aspirin can have a positive affect when taken in small doses. The research has shown that it can help lower the causes of cancer and help cut cholesterol.

The test was held in at University of East London, the research was taken with 50 – 70 year old patients.  It has been known that eldery patients commonly suffer stomach bleeds. This is due to a bacterium known as Helicobacter pylori, this bacterium that is responsible for many cancer causes later in life. The study showed that Helicobacter can be reduced with regular doses of aspirin.

During the first few weeks these tests have shown important relevant information that can cut the risk of cancer. Already aspirin can cut skin cancer and taking aspirin for five years reduces the risk of colon cancer by half. The next test will be focusing on reducing affects on throat and lung cancers.

Information made in a study by Peter Rothwell, Oxford University.

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