Top effects of alcohol on the human body.


What happens when you over indulge with alcohol? 

When we drink a unit of alcohol we are affected by ethyl alcohol, this substance is soluble in water and can be fastly absorbed with the human body.  Alcohol can enter the body tissues and its so soluble that the process starts within our mouths.

  1. Alcohol can have some huge effects on our body, metally not just phyiscally .
  2. Alcohol is not a stimulant but a narcotic. Alcohol can reduce intelligence whilst weakening the memory.
  3. When you increase alcohol in your system you also increase the red cells making the speed of blood slower.
  4. Slowing the blood results in oxygen levels being slowed down and thickening of the blood. This can result in the brain oxygen supply being cut off, when this happens brain cells die from 3 to 20 minutes.- Dr Knisely.
  5.  Alcohol lessens the endurance.
  6. Beer contains high amounts of calories.
  7. Over consumption of alcohol can  result in the rapture of capillaries which  produce microscopic hemorrhages.


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