Important for building muscle



Always use different exercises when training


Doing the same workout, week in, week out, will leave you with fewer gains. You want be improving but you may be doing some damage and could lead you to burn out your muscles. Focus on changing your exercises during the routine. Using different muscle groups whilst training is essential. Failing to incorporate any new techniques, such as new exercise;, number of reps;, increasing weight or changing body position, will simply lead to training with no muscular benefits. The only benefit will you gain will be increasing the cardio-fitness of your muscle. However, there will be no growth benefits.


Stretching is important


Speeding up the recovery process and increasing your muscles ROM (range of motion), stretching is always on the fitness trainer’s must-do list. Huge benefits can come from stretching: it helps us by making more room for muscular growth. Yoga and Pilates are great toning exercises that can increase you ROM.


You don’t just benefit by looking better, you also benefit from reducing your risk from injury. Stretching can help unlock more muscular fibres within the body thereby helping us activate more muscles. You should always incorporate flexibility training in a normal program as it will prevent injury to muscular body tissue.


Always drink protein shakes after your exercise


This is very important. Most people forget to refuel their body and replenish their energy levels after completing workouts. A protein-carb shake is essential after training as this kick-starts the recovery process immediately.

The shakes help by replenishing lost glycogen stores and providing extra nutrients which your body needs to repair muscle tissue.Drink your shake within an hour after your workout.    Skipping the shake after your workout can mean you will lose all the benefit from your workout. Waiting for your next protein fix an hour or more after training is not good so have your shake ready and keep your muscles fed.


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